We Create Interactive Experiences


Transcending Digital can help you create custom solutions that improve processes. Our strategy involves a mix of custom programming, workforce assistance, and business analysis.
We are experts in the latest technologies, including:

  • HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • ReactJS/NodeJS
  • REST API Creation/Integration
  • C#/Java
  • Electronic Payment Integration
  • Drupal Content Management Systems
  • Databases
  • Unity3d
  • Media Server Programming

Remote Attractions


The Covid-19 Coronavirus is accelerating the trend in decreasing on premise visitorship to museums, attractions, and tradeshows throughout the world.

Exhibit and event managers are taking drastic measures to try and maintain visitorship levels. Endowment and grant funded institutions are having increasing difficulty justifying budgets and keeping institution doors open with declining visitorship and regulatory restrictions on travel.

How can decreasing visitorship be combatted while at the same time increasing access?

Transcending digital offers a way to fight back against these challenges with our remote viewing solutions combined with over a decade of interactive experience within this space. Our solutions allow you to enable remote visitorship, increasing access opportunities.

Transcending Digital offers three types of solutions for remote exhibit conversion:

  1. Live camera package.
  2. This package provides a series of cameras connected to an interactive portal. Visitors can view exhibits, artifacts, or engage in live or pre recorded tours.

  3. Remote kiosk access.
  4. Guests are allowed limited remote access to already deployed interactive experiences via our secure remote access solution. This option allows already deployed experiences to be made available online without needing to invest in costly retrofitting projects

  5. Experience conversion.
  6. This option will convert existing experiences into online or mobile-first solutions.
Each of these solutions incorporates comprehensive analytics to ensure each visitor is counted for your institution or event.

Contact us today to get your experiences on track for 2020 and beyond!

Custom Interactive Programming


We work with media agencies, businesses, and designers to create solid systems and rich interfaces.
Recent collaborations include:

  • Adobe
  • Medtronic
  • Hershey's
  • Nintendo
  • Hasbro

Healthcare Services


Transcending Digital maintains certified professional medical billing and coding staff. We assist local healthcare organizations with revenue management and work flow processes. We work together with clients to create solutions that improve the organization. On-site consulting is available.



We were founded in 2011 to service creative agencies and businesses in need of custom kiosks and public displays. Since our inception we have also expanded into the enterprise with collaborations focusing on healthcare and trade shows. We work with a small group of returning clients that value flexibility, solid work product, and high quality craftsmanship.
Our values include:

  • Never stop learning
  • Honesty and transparency
  • Deadlines are paramount
  • Extensive testing strengthens solutions
  • Family is important

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Transcending Digital is a United States, Michigan based company.
We can typically turn around estimates within a few days.

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